Since 2011, Studio Arabiya has been trusted by thousands of students, hundreds of teachers, and many schools and organizations worldwide for their source of Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies education.

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Founded in 2011, Studio Arabiya Institute isn't just a website that teaches Arabic or Quran.  We are a large group of staff & teams that come together with your best interest in mind.  Our Educational team has spent years developing and strategizing the best structures for our courses, so you get the most our of your class time. The Quality team ensures that your classes are progressing smoothly.  Our Student Support team is there to assist you for any help, and our IT team has worked years to provide you our one-of-a-kind online platform for you to manage and access your classes.

Structured Courses

Studio Arabiya Institute's Educational Team continuously works on providing structure and transparency in any course you take. After enrolling, you are placed in the correct level and you can immediately see in your account where you are starting and what it will take to complete the course and achieve your goals, whether that is to become fluent in the Arabic Language or to memorize the entire Quran.  Following a structure ensures that you or your child will progress steadily, and guides you towards an end goal.

Online Portal Account

Our one-of-a-kind online Portal gives you everything you need for your classes in your account. You can access your account from anywhere, manage your classes and your children, and you can even add it as an app on your phone!  Your account allows you to reschedule and cancel classes on your own, access your personal calendar and classroom link, view your course outline, read your textbooks and listen to audio, review with practice questions, ask your teacher questions and much more!

Support Materials & Downloads

Unlike other online tutoring sites, Studio Arabiya also offers a variety of additional resources and tools to help your learning progress. In addition to the live classes with your teacher, you will also get:
  • Access to online textbooks
  • Interactive games and activities
  • Practice center with flashcards and practice questions
  • Audio recordings
  • Class resources
  • Online class discussions
  • Reports cards, Grade and Attendance reports
  • Completion Certificates
  • Class Calendar
  • Course Transcript

Quran Memorization Tracking Tool

This interactive tool lets you track and mark the surahs and ayahs in the Quran that you have memorized. Your personal Quran Memorization Tracker shows you your progress and helps you keep track of what you have memorized and which surahs are remaining. This tool is free for all Studio Arabiya accounts.

Licensed Instructors

In addition to all of the features Studio Arabiya Institute offers, we are very grateful for the instructors that complete our team. Our management team holds high standards for the qualifications of our teachers and has a multi-tiered hiring process to vet out any applicants who do not qualify. The teachers on our team are trained to teach in our learning portal and are certified by Studio Arabiya Institute and have graduated from Al Azhar University or Dar ul-Uloom.


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