Arabic & Qur'an Classes - Starting at $45

We at Studio Arabiya have dedicated our lives to helping you achieve your goals in Arabic and Qur'an studies.

We use our expertise and experience to find, train, and prepare the most qualified teachers in their fields to teach you. They are specially chosen, not just because of their education or speaking abilities, but also because of their character, honesty, and integrity.

Studio Arabiya has always been committed to offering you low tuition prices, competitive with other online programs of the like. We vision Studio Arabiya as the leading online source for one-on-one Arabic and Qur'an lessons with affordable rates for anyone who wants to learn.

Our policy is to accept anyone that wants to study Arabic or Qur'an, regardless of their financial status, cultural background, religion, etc. We do not turn away anyone who is eager to learn.

Last modified on Wednesday, 18 November 2015 21:53
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