Ijaazah Program

Give your children the guidance through Studio Arabiya's Quran for Kids course.

About This Course

Studio Arabiya’s online Islamic courses are created and developed in a way that facilitates the learning at a pace suited to a child’s current level of knowledge.

Studies have shown that children can memorize and learn new information when they are at an early age faster and easier than it will be later in life and this is why we encourage you that you start investing now in his future. Learning your children about the fundamental basics of his religion is an important step in his maturity and emotional development.

As all Global education is rapidly shifting to online education we understand the need for online Islamic curricula where your child will receive support for successfully graduating the courses. We provide 24/7 support and our online portal will give you access to your children progress and calendar. We have included in our online Islamic courses teachings about acts of worship, character building, stories and many more.
Our online Islamic studies are designed for children of ages five to teens. The online Islamic lessons cover all the materials necessary for your children to build a stronger Islamic foundation.

We give special attention to every child that enrolls into our online Islamic studies courses. Studio Arabiya is one of the few institutions that has teachers who are from one of the most prestigious Universities of the Islamic world: Al-Azhar University. Even before the classes start, we take an initial evaluation of your children current Islamic language knowledge and we pay good attention to your children character traits so that we can adapt our teaching style with it’s best way of learning and memorizing.

What Your Child Will Learn in this Course

Acts of worship, such as dua' and how to pray.

Different characteristics to follow of the Prophet (SAW).

Stories of the prophets.

Muslim manners and characteristics.

Historical stories from the Quran and sunnah.

Pillars of Islam and how to apply them to their life.

Follow a Structured Program to Achieve Your Goals

  • Increase our love for the Prophet (SAW)
  • Seerah helps us understand the Quran
  • A source of optimism
  • The Seerah itself is a miracle
  • A precise methodology for the revival of the Ummah
  • Source of knowledge about the companions

Parents LOVE this Course!

Fun and energetic instructor with great knowledge. 

Teacher is doing a brilliant job in keeping the student engaged.

Fun and interactive teacher! Makes Islamic studies interesting and fun for little one. 

  •  NO. OF LEVELS: 8
  •  LENGTH: Approx. 25 hrs/level
  •  DIFFICULTY: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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