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Classical Arabic (Fus'ha) Program

Classical Arabic is one of the oldest languages in the world that is still being used today. It is also the language of the Qur'an. Studio Arabiya's proven Arabic teaching method will help you to understand the Qur'an, prepare for higher education programs, such as Al Azhar University, and will prepare you to speak, read, write and understand the Arabic language. Our Classical Arabic program is for everyone, from beginners who don't know the alphabet to advanced Arabic students who want to study the high level classical Arabic texts.

Egyptian Dialect Program

Egyptian dialect is one of the most used and understood Arabic dialects among the Arab world. It is the primary form of communication in Egypt's media - films, news, songs and television shows.

Al-Azhar Preparatory Program

Founded 970-972 as a center of Islamic learning, Al Azhar University is the chief center of Arabic literature and Islamic studies in the world. Students from around the world come to Cairo to study at this prestigious university. Al Azhar University has special study requirements that must be completed before acceptance into their school and Studio Arabiya provides preparatory classes to help you on your way.

Hifz and Tajweed Program

Our hifz program is for students that want to memorize the complete Qur'an and earn their Ijaazah, in one or all of the ten different Qira'at. Students have the option of studying one-on-one with a Sheikh(a) or within a small group setting, dependent upon the number of registrations.

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