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Do you want to learn to speak and understand the Arabic language?  Do you need a native Arab teacher?  Are you ready to speak in Arabic with ease?  Does your child need a live tutor to help them learn the Arabic language?

Studio Arabiya Institute’s online Arabic classes have been developed and structured for success in learning Arabic.  With live teachers, online Arabic activities and your personal Arabic learning platform, you will improve your Arabic speaking and understanding within just the first week of classes.

Live Arabic Teachers

Having a live Arabic teacher is the most proven method for learning the Arabic language.

Arabic Learning Games

Arabic Games & Activities are included in your class to help you learn vocabulary and conversation skills, review your Arabic lessons, and more.

Practice Center

In your Arabic course, you will have on-demand access to your Arabic practice center, where you can use the digital flashcards to review and memorize Arabic words and phrases.

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What Students Say...

I studied Arabic through various methods before checking out Studio Arabiya. Alhamdulilah I'm so glad I chose Studio Arabiya. I can't believe I understand Arabic when my teacher is speaking! I look forward to my classes every week land I feel a sense of awe when I read the Quran and I can understand some of the meaning.
Aisha H.
Studio Arabiya is a wonderful platform to learn tajweed rules and memorize the Quran. My teacher is very professional, knowledgable, and has excellent recitation ma sha' Allah. As a busy professional, I am grateful that I could choose the schedule I want and learn the Quran from the comfort of my home.
This program is amazing and highly recommend especially for those of you struggling to get your kids to learn Arabic. The method & curriculum are not traditional & learning Arabic is not as boring as we took it in school as kids. It's modern & similar to the way other languages are bring taught in cultural centers.
Alaa A.

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