Islamic Sunday School

Islamic Sunday school

Islamic Arabic weekend schools are education centers where Muslim kids can get Islamic education on Sunday. Muslims send their kids in these Islamic Sunday schools for Arabic and Islamic learning. Muslim Sunday schools only teach one day in a week, which is not enough for your kids to obtain fluency in the Arabic language.

It is necessary to give full attention in Islamic learning to learn the Holy Quran and the Arabic language. Weekend Islamic school is not enough for your kids because they only have one off and they are tired of work and they even can’t rest due to weekend classes. Your kids meet only for a few hours that was not enough to study Islam properly.

Instead of sending your kids weekend Islamic school, or in addition to Islamic Sunday School, Studio Arabiya online academy is the best option for your kids to learn the Holy Quran and Arabic from the home.

Studio Arabiya has the best Arabic and Quran teachers and they can teach your kids better than Islamic Sunday school. Studio Arabia offers daily practices so your kids learn better and take rest on Sunday to overcome the depression of the whole week. These days online learning is better than Islamic Arabia weekend schools systems. Islamic Sunday school system was very old and there are many improvements are needed to make their standard better.

Ethics and Education Standards

The way Studio Arabiya teaches your kids, that Islamic Arabic Weekend schools cannot compete, is with our online education standards. We have the best faculty to focus on your kids learning 7 days a week, unlike Islamic Sunday schools only a day. Muslim Sunday schools are not able to deliver ethics and ethical standards because they don’t have enough time to do this on a single day. Studio Arabiya online Islamic learning system is capable to focus on ethics and best education standards to make your kids more religious.

Studio Arabiya always focuses to teach your kids better ethics and education standard to make them a good Islamic kid. Islamic Sunday schools have not much time and no qualified staff to teach all these things to your kids. Islamic schools have a few hours and they can’t focus to teach Islamic education and Arabic language properly.


Unfortunately, Islamic Sunday schools are becoming the focus of political battles in our community. Unqualified teachers of Weekend Islamic schools have no educational Islamic education background. Presidents of mosque boards hire unqualified staff and have no clue about their staff’s qualification. There is no degree needed to become a teacher in Muslim Sunday schools. How you can send your kids to a school where no qualified instructor is available to teach your kids perfectly.

Why choose Studio Arabiya

Studio Arabiya has many benefits for you and your kids. We offer daily learning and practices and this will help your kids to retain much better than Islamic Arabic weekend schools. A key advantage to Studio Arabiya’s online education is that kids can learn Islamic education in their selected time. Studio Arabiya online Arabic classes help you out to stay relevant in this rapidly changing universe. Studio Arabiya online classes offer several benefits to their students overall efficiency is much better than Islamic Sunday schools. Online Islamic learning is mutually useful for all of us including parents, kids and our teachers too. Studio Arabiya has an efficient, flexible, and more accessible method of Islamic learning.

Benefits of Online Islamic Learning

Studio Arabia’s online Islamic classes are a great alternative to Islamic Sunday classes. Always choose Studio Arabiya for your kid's Islamic learning needs. We have discussed previously that online learning is much convenient than conventional methods. There are many online academies but Studio Arabiya always thinks for their students and never compromise on our standards and quality.

If you compare Islamic Sunday schools with Studio Arabiya online Islamic learning you’ll definitely consider Studio Arabiya because there are many reasons behind it. Studio Arabiya with the best quality and making you and your kids live much easier to learn Islamic education through a computer and internet connection from the comfort of your own home rather than go to weekend Islamic schools. Take a look of online Islamic learning benefits.

Online Islamic learning is a flexible way to lear Islamic education. It will alow you a continuos reinforcements of skills and content. Online Islamic learning will save you time and money. At studio Arabiya online Islamic classes we have weel qualified tutotrs to meet the modern standards of education. Online Islamic classes offers their student easier attendance they don’t have to travel long distances. Studio Arabiya online Islamic education have affordable fee structure. Studio Arabiya offers you a convienient learning environment. Online learning will improves your self-descipline. Studio Arabiya allows you to easuly access you teachers at any time easily from your home.