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Discover The Simplest and Most Rewarding Way to Understand Quran

Transform your relationship with the Quran in just 14 weeks.

"Ustadh Wasif and the team for making the learning of the Quranic Arabic language so amazingly simple, fun and easy. It is the most engaging and interactive learning experience.” - Fariha, US

What You Will Learn in this Course



Learn Arabic Grammar


Arabic Vocabulary


Understanding the Arabic Language


UnlockQuran‘s concept is very simple -- ​make it easy for anyone, anywhere in the world, to learn the language in which the Quran was revealed​ -- but the method is pure genius.

While all other Arabic learning programs offer ​only​ online classes, just an app,
 or they only focus​ on vocabulary, UnlockQuran offers all these to learn Quranic Arabic and so much more!


  •  Class Type: Group Lecture
  •  Age: 13 & Above
  •  2 Sessions/Week
  •  Next Class Starts TBD
  •  Requirements: Read Quran in Arabic
  •  Beginner


  • Lesson Recaps and Class Recordings for reviewing or catching up.
  • Quran Coaches to help you outside of classtime.
  • Read the course textbook directly in your account.
  • A complete course structure, so you know where your class is.
  • Practice center to review vocabulary from your lessons.
  • Easy access to your classes and teacher from anywhere!
  • Mobile App Access.
Unlock the beauty of the Quran

Unlock the beauty of the Quran

Gain a deeper appreciation of the Book that Allah sent down as a mercy and guide to all mankind.
Unlock the sweetness of Salah

Unlock the sweetness of Salah

Communicate more effectively with Allah as you bow down to Him in worship.
Unlock the meaning of your Duas

Unlock the meaning of your Duas

Know exactly what you are asking from Allah as you raise your hands to Him in dua.

Semester Tuition

  • OPTION 1$397One- Time Full Payment
    $700 VALUE