Join us to read Surah Al Kahf every Friday. With this weekly halaqa, you will establish a habit of reciting Surah Al Kahf every Friday and reap the rewards.

”My child has become a lot more confident in reading the Quran, because she knows she’s reciting correctly now.” - Amina, US
  •  Class Type: Group Webinar
  •  Age Group(s): All Ages
  •   Fridays: 9:00 - 9:45 am EST
  •  Length: Ongoing
  •  $.99 One-Time Fee to Join


This weekly Halaqa is a group class built to make a habit of reciting Surah Al-Kahf every Friday,  It can provide you in acceptance of your duas if you read it with the full heart.  This weekly halaqa meets every Friday morning (US time) in a webinar format, where the teacher for the day will recite Surah Al Kahf.  Students may listen in on the session and are encouraged to read along with the teacher and recite along with the teacher.


  • Read the Textbook and Quran directly in your account.
  • Discussions to connect with others in the Halaqa.
  • Easy access to your classes and teacher from anywhere!
  • Rotation of teachers each week.

More About This Course

Surat Al Kahf has immense blessings.

Abu Darda’ reported Allah’s Apostle (may peace be upon him) as saying: If anyone learns by heart the first ten verses of the Surat Al-Kahf, he will be protected from the Dajjal. (Sahih muslim Book 004, Hadith 1766)

Abu Sa’id al-Khudri reports that the Prophet SAW said: “Whoever recites Surat Al-Kahf on Jumu’ah will have illumination from the light from one Jumu’ah to the next.” (an-Nasa’i, al-Baihaqi, and al-Hakim)


About the Halaqa 

This weekly halaqa is just that - a Halaqa that encourages the habit of reading Surah Al Kahf every Friday.  The halaqa is in webinar format, where the teacher of the week will recite the entire Surah.  Students in the halaqa are encouraged to read along in the Quran and recite along with the Shaikh as he/she reads. 

Teachers are rotated each week.

Class discussions are available for students in the halaqa to chat about the halaqa.

This halaqa is ongoing throughout the year.  The cost is a one-time fee of $5, which helps to ensure our teachers are taken care of.  The fee will cover the year (by calendar year and renews on Jan 1st).

How to Get Started

To join the halqa, use the Enroll Now button below and create your portal account.  Afterwards, simply add the 'course' to your account and you can join.

Classes being March 20, 2020.

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