Arabic for Kids

About This Course

The 'Arabic for Kids' course will take your child from learning the basics (such as the Arabic alphabet, how to form a sentence, and the different forms of verbs) to complete fluency in the Arabic language. This comprehensive Arabic course is made fun and easy with curriculum designed for children. Your children will work towards the goals of comprehending, reading, writing, and speaking proper Arabic, which will allow them to understand the Quran better. The course is divided into multiple levels, including numerous exercises to strengthen your child's skills with testing at each stage to help them gain confidence. 

What Your Child Will Learn in this Course

Your child will gain confidence in reading in the Arabic script.

He/she will be able to speak and understand the Arabic language.

He/she will be able to write in the Arabic script with ease.

Your child will begin understanding the Quran without translation.

He/she will comprehend Arabic without having to translate from English.

With hard work and the guidance of their teacher, your child will be fluent in the Arabic language upon completion of all levels.

Parents LOVE this Course!

Mr Mohammed continues to be a wonderful teacher. David is more comfortable speaking, and enjoys his classes!

Amazing teacher! Ms. Nesma knows how to talk to my daughter and to maintain her attention. My daughter is always excited for her lesson with Ms. Nesma and she has built a strong relationship with her. She is very patient, fun and has solid teaching techniques. We are very happy that she is teaching our daughter.

The teacher has an effective and good approach for teaching Arabic.

  •  NO. OF LEVELS: 18
  •  LENGTH: Approx. 25 hrs/level
  •  DIFFICULTY: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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