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Ijaazah Program – Hifz

5 hours

An Ijaazah in Hifz (Memorization) is one of the highest …

What you'll learn
Your child will gain confidence in reciting from Quran out loud and in front of others.,
They will begin reciting Quran with proper tajweed.,
They will be able to read any surah from the Quran on their own without assistance.,
Your child will increase their love for reading & reciting the Quran.
They will memorize new surahs from the Quran.,
By the end of this course, your child will be able to memorize & recite the entire Quran.

Al-Balagha Al-Wadiha

15 hours

"Al-Balaghat al-Wadiha:Arabic: Bayan wal Ma'ani wal Badi'a (Clear Rhetoric of The …

Tafsir As-Sa’dy

300 hours

This is a simple tafsir for the intermediate for Imam …

At-Tafseer Al-Muyassar

54 hours

Summary Tafseer by a group of Ulema, whose Saalih ash-Shaykh …

Al-Arabiya lil-Nashi’in

250 hours

An educational series consisting of six books to teach Arabic …

Al-Quran Tadabbur Wa Amal

20 hours

This course delves into the Arabic tafseer book Al-Qur'an Tadabbur …

What you'll learn
Tafseer and meaning of Surahs from the Qur'an.,
Ways to increase understanding, meditation and application of the Qur'an.,
Complex words from the Qur'an.


20 hours

This course covers the Arabic book "Al-Fiqh Al-Muyassar" which is …

What you'll learn
"Al-Fiqh Al-Muyassar" book, in Arabic,
Hanafi fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) pertaining to 'ibadah (acts of worship)