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Islamic Studies For Kids – Full Track

30 hours
All Levels

Islamic Studies for Kids is a course dedicated to instilling …

What you'll learn
Acts of worship, such as dua' and how to pray.
Different characteristics to follow of the Prophet (SAW).
Stories of the prophets.,
Muslim manners and characteristics.,
Historical stories from the Quran and sunnah.
Pillars of Islam and how to apply them to their life.
This course provides the student with the basic foundation to understand Islam as a religion.

Stories Of The Sahabah For Teens

3 hours

Stories for teens in English on the lives and teachings …

What you'll learn
"The stories of: Abu Bakr (RA), Umar Ibn Khattaab (RA), Uthmaan ibn Affaan (RA), Ali ibn Abi Taalib (RA), Talhah ibn Ubaidullah (RA), Zubair ibn Awaam (RA), Abdur Rahmaan ibn Auf (RA), Sa'd ibn Abi Waqaas (RA), Sa'eed ibn Zaid (RA), Abu Ubaidah ibn Jarraah (RA), Mu'aaz ibn Jabal (RA), Huzaifah bin Yamaan (RA), Abdullah bin Rawaahah (RA), Mus'ab ibn Umair (RA), Ja'far ibn Abi Taalib (RA), Bilaal ibn Ribaah (RA), Amr bin Jamooh (RA), Ikramah ibn Abi Jaha (RA), Abu Talhah Zaid ibn Sahal (RA), Ubay ibn Ka'b (RA).,
Beneficial lessons from these stories that they can apply in their own lives."

Qasas An-Nabiyin For Kids

12 hours

Qasas An-Nabiyin For Kids is a course that covers the …

Beginners | Islamic Studies for Kids


Islam teaches us different ways to attain success. One of …

Arabic Tutoring

All Levels

Pay-as-you-go tutoring - Arabic …

What you'll learn
Students who need tutoring without a structured program, Students who need extra tutoring for their school classes or studies

Al-Balagha Al-Wadiha

15 hours

"Al-Balaghat al-Wadiha:Arabic: Bayan wal Ma'ani wal Badi'a (Clear Rhetoric of The …

Qatar An-Nada wa Bal As-Sada

45 hours

Qatar An-Nada wa Bal As-Sada, one of the most famous …

An-Nahw Al-Wadih (Primary)


Simplified Rules of Arabic Grammar : The Clear Arabic Grammar …

Arabic Grammar

200 hours

Our Arabic Grammar course is set up to focus on …