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Arabic Phonetics Course

45 hours

A course specifically designed for non-native Arabic speakers that focuses …

What you'll learn
The pronunciation and articulation of each Arabic letter.
To distinguish between short and long-standing vowels.
To distinguish between similar sounds, such as ك [kaaf] and ق [qaaf].
To apply this knowledge when listening to or reciting the Quran.

Egyptian Colloquial (‘Anistuuna Textbook)

35 hours
All Levels

A course to learn how to speak in the Arabic …

What you'll learn
This course is based on a functional approach which combines the learning of grammar rules, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions used in everyday situations, and conversational pieces which are the focus of the course.

Beginning Arabic: Al-Kitaab Textbook

25 hours

A course to begin your Arabic learning journey based on …

What you'll learn
Basic Arabic language skills related to daily life through 13 lessons.
Each lesson contains seven sub-sections: new vocabulary, grammatical rules, a story in dialectal.
Arabic, the same story in formal Arabic, cultural material, a dialog, and review exercises.

Quranic Grammar

30 hours

Learn Quranic Arabic grammar to increase your understanding of and …

What you'll learn
The word (kalimah) and its classification in Arabic grammar
The three classifications of a noun (ism)
Arabic sentence, prepositions, pronouns and adjectives
Nouns, verbs, adverbs
The past tense
Quranic vocabulary

Madinah Arabic Course – Madinah Islamic University

45 hours
All Levels

A comprehensive course for learning the Arabic language. It combines …

What you'll learn
Arabic Vocabulary,
Arabic Conversation,
Arabic Grammar,
Arabic Verbs,
Wide variety of topics like phrase usage of verbs.,
Regular exercises to instill what you learn.