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Arabic Tutoring

All Levels

Pay-as-you-go tutoring - Arabic …

What you'll learn
Students who need tutoring without a structured program, Students who need extra tutoring for their school classes or studies

Al-Muqaddimah Al-Ajrumiyyah

80 hours

Learn the foundations of Arabic grammar thanks to this course …

Arabic for Adults: Al-Kitab Al-Asasi

70 hours
All Levels

A three-part course in Modern Standard Arabic for non-native speakers …

What you'll learn
"Modern Standard Arabic,
Arabic vocabulary around topics that are relevant in everyday life,
Arabic grammar"

Arabic Grammar

200 hours

Our Arabic Grammar course is set up to focus on …

“Tahzib Al-lisan” How to Recite the Qur’an


Learn Arabic letters and how to read the Arabic language …

Arabic Language of The Quran

30 hours

Learning Arabic Language Of The Quran the basic objective of explaining …

Ijaazah of Noor Al-Bayan

30 hours

Ijaazah of Noor Al-Bayan …

Ijaazah of Noorani Qaida

40 hours

Ijaazah of Noorani Qaida …

Kallimni Arabi

30 hours

Learn Egyptian Colloquial Arabic through the world-acclaimed Kallimni Arabi series. …

What you'll learn
Communicate fluently, accurately and effectively in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, conversing on a variety of different topics in formal and informal settings from both concrete and abstract perspective.,
Discuss your interests and special fields of competence, explain complex matters in detail, and compose lengthy and coherent narratives.,
Discuss their opinions on a number of topics, such as social and political issues, and employ structured arguments to support your opinions.,
Construct and develop hypotheses to explore alternative possibilities.,
Use a variety of interactive and discourse strategies.,
Consistently explain your opinion or ideas in detail and narrate fully and accurately in all time frames.

Arabic Phonetics Course

45 hours

A course specifically designed for non-native Arabic speakers that focuses …

What you'll learn
The pronunciation and articulation of each Arabic letter.
To distinguish between short and long-standing vowels.
To distinguish between similar sounds, such as ك [kaaf] and ق [qaaf].
To apply this knowledge when listening to or reciting the Quran.