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Interview with Siddique Abdullah (Part II)

siddique_abdullah_2Part II of our 2-part Interview with Siddique Abdullah.   ...continued from Interview with Siddique Abdullah, Part I... 1) Why do you like to teach Arabic? It’s a way to preserve it within myself and the best way actually to learn Arabic is to take what you know and to teach it because it demonstrates a certain level of mastery, even if it’s at th...
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Interview with Siddique Abdullah (Part I)

siddique_abdullahBrother Siddique has over 12 years of teaching experience.  He has taught Arabic at Zaytuna Institute and Tajweed classes at Ilm Tree.  He was also a homeroom, Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies teacher at Al-Huda School in College Park, Maryland.  Brother Siddique is one of the first graduates from Zaytuna Institute’s Seminary Program with a Bache...
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