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Interview with Yelda, a Winter-Intensive Student

Yelda M., one of Studio Arabiya's Winter Intensive 2012 program students lives in San Francisco, CA and is a student at San Francisco State University.  Here is her experience with the Winter Intensive program. 1)  Is this the first time you joined Studio Arabiya? Yes, this is actually the first time I heard about it and the first time I’m joining...
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Interview with Siddique Abdullah (Part II)

siddique_abdullah_2Part II of our 2-part Interview with Siddique Abdullah.   ...continued from Interview with Siddique Abdullah, Part I... 1) Why do you like to teach Arabic? It’s a way to preserve it within myself and the best way actually to learn Arabic is to take what you know and to teach it because it demonstrates a certain level of mastery, even if it’s at th...
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Interview with Siddique Abdullah (Part I)

siddique_abdullahBrother Siddique has over 12 years of teaching experience.  He has taught Arabic at Zaytuna Institute and Tajweed classes at Ilm Tree.  He was also a homeroom, Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies teacher at Al-Huda School in College Park, Maryland.  Brother Siddique is one of the first graduates from Zaytuna Institute’s Seminary Program with a Bache...
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Interview at

Recently, one of the co-founders of Studio Arabiya, Stacy Graff, was interviewed by Sakyna Magazine, a collaborative magazine centered on mindful Islamic natural living, nurturing, and crafting through the seasons. The editor and writer, Dalecia Young, started taking classes with Studio Arabiya a couple months ago and was so happy with the ser...
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1 Comment Interview with Studio Arabiya

Studio Arabiya was recently interviewed by a staff member of as a part of the "Muslims Making a Difference" series.  The interview covers the background and history of starting up Studio Arabiya, our goals for the online Qur'an and Arabic program, as well as some insights to what goes on behind the scenes and more! My instructor wa...
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