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Proper recitation of the Quran is essential. Quran recitation is more than just learning the words or knowing the rhythm. Furthermore, to become an expert at the recitation of the Quran, it is vital to learn Tajweed and make sure to update yourself so that you do not make any repeated mistakes in the recitation. By applying proper Tajweed rules, you can recite Quran beautifully. So, here are some of the tips that can help you learn and improve the Quran recitation in an easy way.
The blessed month of Ramadan is just a few days away! A month of forgiveness, connection, devotion, remembrance, brotherhood and sisterhood... May it ...
Play this fun game and learn Quran! This game and many others are available in our Quran for Kids Full Track course.  Enroll today to learn more!
Alhamdulillah, we are upon a great month; The month of infinite mercy and forgiveness. The time has come to focus on our Ibaadat and Duas and escape t...
The Holy Quran contains the words of Allah the Almighty. The construct and meaning that the Quran carries are exclusive and are not found in any other book. Along with the deep meaning contained in the Quranic verses, the awe-inspiring language of the Holy Book makes it stand apart from the other writings of the world, especially the Arabic writings. The adorned style of prose utilized by the Quran is unique in itself. When the recitation of this style is performed in the right way, the true effect of the Quran can be experienced and observed.Thus, the recitation of the Holy Book must be done with Tajweed rules. Let us get an insight into Tajweed and why it is emphasized in Islam.