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Wise Words from Imam Shafi'i


diwan shafii

No sadness lasts forever, nor any felicity


Nor any state of poverty or one of luxury.


If you are the owner of a heart that is content


Then you and one who owns the whole world are equal.


                                                           — Imam Al-Shafi‘i








Note:  The Arabic quote above is written in Maghribi style script, which actually writes the Qaf (ق) with one dot on top and the Fa (ف) with a dot on the bottom!  This was a relatively common practice with this older style script, and can even be found in the Quranic calligraphy on the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.


Here is another example of this type of script, vs. the standardized Arabic script we are more familiar with in modern times using a passage from Surat al-Baqarah.  Can you read both styles?


 modern day script


maghribi script



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