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[VIDEO] The Weather in Arabic

Seasons in Arabic 

Expand your Arabic vocabulary with our animation video on the weather! Seasons, weather conditions, natural disasters, weather-related adjectives: everything you need to know about weather is here!

Stay tuned for more vocabulary videos, insha'Allah!

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The Weather in Arabic (transcript)

[Video below the transcript]

الطَقْس The weather
مَوَاسِم Seasons
الرَّبِيع Spring
الصَّيْف Summer
الخَرِيف Fall/Autumn
الشِّتَاء Winter
مَطَر Rains
ثَلْج Snow
شَمْس Sun
غَائِم Cloudy
عَاصِف Windy
إعْصَار Hurricane
زِلْزَال Earthquake
تِسُونَامِي Tsunami
زَوْبَعَة Tornado
نَسِيم Breeze
ّحَار Hot
بَرْد Cold
مُعْتَدِل Mild
دَرَجَةُ الحَرَارَة Temperature
صَافِي Clear
رَائِع Cool
جَفَاف Drought
فَيَضَان Flood
ضَبَاب Fog
مُجَمَّد Freezing
صَقِيع Frost
الحَرَارَة Heat
رَعْد Thunder
بَرْق Lightening
قَوْسُ قَزَح Rainbow

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