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[VIDEO] Learn The Tajweed Rule Of Qalqalah

Learn the Tajweed rules of Qalqalah and improve your recitation of the Quran with Hedaya from Studio Arabiya Institute! In this video, she goes over an explanation of what the Qalqalah is, the types and letters of Qalqalah, and how to pronounce them with examples in the Quran.

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Tajweed rules: Al-Qalqalah | Learn Tajweed with Studio Arabiya

As-salaam 'alaykum! This is Hedaya from Studio Arabiya! Let's learn about the Tajweed rule of Qalqalah today! I have included examples of the three types of Qalqalah! Are you benefitting from this video? Leave a comment below and enroll at to learn more insha'Allah!

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Friday, March 31 2023
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