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The Linguistic Meaning of "Eid" & Some Eid Greetings :)


Eid... a day of gathering. The word is derived from `aada / ya`oodu, the verb that means "he returned or he is returning" because people continuously return to [celebrating 'Eid] every year.

It is also said that the word is derived from `aadah, which means a custom or habit, because people have become accustomed to it. The plural of it is  `ayaad.

Ibn-ul- 'Arabi said, "'Eid is named 'Eid because it returns every year with renewed happiness." (Lisan al-`Arab)

The renowned scholar Ibn 'Abideen said: "Eid days are thus named because Allah renews His bounties in them; and He distributes His blessings to His worshipers. Thus on Eidul-Fitr, He permits them to eat after having been restrained from food; and He requires paying sadaqatul-fitr (the charity of breaking the fast) to the needy.

"And on Eidul-Adha, He permits the completion of Hajj (pilgrimage) with the final tawaf (circulating around the Ka`bah); and He requires offering sacrifices and distributing their meat, etc.

"Also, it is customary for people to be joyful, happy, and to rejoicing during the Eid days." (Hashiyah Ibn Abideen)


Here are some Eid images and memes to share with family and friends :)








* Quote (with some edits and changes) from an article on Rulings Concerning the Two Eids on SunnahOnline.
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Tuesday, 21 August 2018