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Muhammad's Life Before His First Revelation: Part Two

Both Muslim and non-Muslim writers have long been fascinated by the life of Muhammad. If you share Islamic beliefs, Muhammad's life is the life of a prophet, and not just any prophet. It is the life of Allah's final and most beloved messenger. If you...
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Muhammad's Life Before His First Revelation: Part One

Click on any online ranking of the most important people in history and you're sure to find the Prophet Muhammad somewhere near the top, if he isn't listed as number one. It should come as no surprise that Muhammad is thought of so highly by historia...
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10 Proofs Muhammad Was A Prophet

Islam rests upon two key beliefs. The first of these is belief in a single God, Allah, whose power and authority is completely unparalleled. The second is belief in Muhammad as Allah's final and greatest messenger. In order to become a Muslim, one must recite the Shahada. This is a declaration of acceptance of the two beliefs discussed above. If somebody has an issue with either, they cannot make the Shahada, meaning they cannot become a Muslim. Much has been written about the existence (or lack thereof) of Allah. Hundreds upon thousands of words have been produced claiming to either prove or disprove His existence. Less attention has been given to Muhammad. Unlike with many earlier prophets, secular historians agree that Muhammad certainly existed. But was Muhammad truly a prophet or was he the trouble making charlatan his rivals made him out to be? We, of course, hold steadfastly to the belief that Muhammad was the ultimate Messenger of Allah and that the Quran was revealed to him from the Heavens. In this article, we're going to be discussing just why we believe what we believe. Here are ten proofs Muhammad was a prophet.  

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Why Did Allah Choose Muhammad?

At the time of this writing, Islam boasts 1.8 billion followers throughout the world. That number is rapidly increasing. In just a couple of years, it will likely be in excess of 2 billion. Recent studies estimate Islam will have surpassed Christianity as the leading world religion by 2070, although we can expect it to happen much sooner than that. Islam is indeed an empire of faith. It is an empire so vast that it can sometimes be difficult to believe that it was founded by a single man. But, of course, it was. That man was Muhammad. A simple caravan trader in 7th century Mecca, Muhammad was already 40 years of age when he received the first revelation of what would become the Quran. He seemed an unlikely candidate for prophethood, yet it was he who was tasked with introducing the people of Mecca to monotheism. It was he who was tasked with restoring the faith of Abraham. It was he who was tasked with changing the world as we know it. But why did Allah decide Muhammad was the right man for the job? That's what we're going to figure out in this article. Read on to find out why Allah chose Muhammad to bring forth the Quran and establish Islam among His people.

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7 Mind-Blowing Scientific Facts Mentioned In The Quran

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According to Islamic tradition, the Quran was first revealed to Muhammad in 609 CE. Over the next two decades, new surahs were dictated to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel, who was delivering the exact words of God himself. Muhammad's final meeting with Gabriel came in 632 CE. He died in June of that year.

Despite being revealed in a time and place where scholarship was of little concern, the Quran contains a number of interesting scientific facts. These scientific facts were not known to the people of Muhammad's era. In fact, a number of them have only been discovered in the past 100 years.

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