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Studio Arabiya Student Of The Month - January 2022

At Studio Arabiya Institute, we are so very proud of our students, their individual journeys and their progress, especially in times like the ones we are currently living. It's not easy to focus on studies and perfect ourselves during a glo...
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Steps to Guiding Your Children to Learn Quran

Our Prophet, Mohammed (Peace be upon him) said, "The best among you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it." Teaching children the Quran is not bounded to teaching them the provisions of the book and its teachings, but is a revival of their s...
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What Does the Quran Say About Racism?

Although our society has grown markedly more inclusive over the past couple of decades, it remains virtually impossible to go a week without hearing about some sort of racially motivated attack or a famous figure being accused of prejudice. Unfortuna...
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Why Do We Say Bismillah?

Bismillah  'Basmalah' or 'Bismillah' is a phrase to mention God (Allah) before beginning any action or speech. It is a powerful phrase that completes our actions and adds immense reward and Barakah to everything that follows it. By saying, 'Bism...
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Ways to Make Quran Learning Fun for Your Kids

Quran learning is very important for Muslims. Parents should make sure that their kids start learning the Quran from an early age. This is because children have fresh minds and a good ability to grasp every knowledge quickly. However, it is important...
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