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Can I Really Learn Arabic Online?

Have you been thinking about learning Arabic but you struggle with having the time and finding a good tutor to start with you from scratch or at your own level? Are you skeptical about learning Arabic online via video conference platforms like Skype ...
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"I had no idea that learning Arabic would be possible for me!"

Torrie embraced Islam in March 2019, masha'Allah! This life-changing decision, which she calls the best of her life, led her to embark on a learning journey with the Arabic language. She became a Studio Arabiya student in November 2020 ...
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Lost in Translation

A few weeks ago, I read an article called "15 Wonderful Words with No English Equivalent" that describes cool words and phrases found in other languages that are hard to render into English. There are many, many words like this in the Arabic language...
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From Right to Left

Studying Arabic comes with many new experiences for the Westerner - from learning new sounds that you've never pronounced before, to learning the interconnections of Arabic letters and roots and even includes writing in a brand new direction... from ...
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What Is Colloquial Arabic?

Arabic is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It first emerged sometime between the first and fourth centuries and is today the national language of 26 states. However, an Arabic speaker cannot necessarily travel to any Arabic-speaking nation and be confident that they will be understood. This is because there are several different forms of Arabic, with words and phrases often varying wildly from category to category. There are two widely used forms of Arabic. These are Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. Classical Arabic - also referred to as "Quranic Arabic" - is the language in which the Quran is written, read, and recited. It is also the language in which most classic works of Arabic literature were written. Modern Standard Arabic, as its name suggests, is the language in which contemporary Arabic magazines, novels, movies, and textbooks are produced. It facilitates easy communication throughout the Arab world. Or, at least, it does in theory. Unfortunately, many Arabic speakers, particularly those in poorer regions of the Arab world, are not familiar with Modern Standard Arabic. Some are even unable to understand Classical Arabic beyond the confines of the Quran. Instead, they speak Colloquial Arabic exclusively. But what exactly is Colloquial Arabic and why is it so much more difficult to learn than Classical or Modern Standard Arabic? Let's find out.

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