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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Dhul Hijjah Activity Book

This Dhul Hijjah, get your child to fully engage and make the most of the best ten days of the year with our FREE Dhul Hijjah Activity Book for kids and teens!

Activities include: Dhul Hijjah Good Deed Tracker, coloring pages, mazes, Arabic games, word search, Eid cards to decorate, and more! We have also included educational information so that your child can learn about Dhul Hijjah and Hajj insha'Allah.

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Summer Activity Book

THE activity book you need for your child this summer! And it's FREE!!! 

We have compiled fun and educational Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies activities in this FREE Summer Activity Book for kids! Coloring pages, word search, maze, I Spy, and much more! Answer key included :)

PS: Make sure to also check out our Summer Program For Kids & Teens starting June 7 insha'Allah!

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