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Studio Arabiya Student Of The Month – May 2022

Studio Arabiya Student Of The Month – May 2022

At Studio Arabiya Institute, we are so very proud of our students, their individual journeys and their progress, especially in times like the ones we are currently living. It’s not easy to focus on studies and perfect ourselves in today’s world. May Allah SWT continue to put barakah (blessing) in your time and tawfeeq (success) in your endeavors, ameen!

For this reason, we have decided to start a new series this month to honor our hard-working students insha’Allah: introducing Studio Arabiya Student Of The Month series! Each month insha’Allah, we will be featuring one of our students, their journey, their experience with us, their progress, and their personality. Each post will be a token of appreciation to all of you out there who have decided to entrust us with your learning of Arabic, Quran and Islam: we are so blessed to have you!

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This month, meet Umar!

Umar is a 9-year-old boy living in the United States who loves swimming. Umar became a Studio Arabiya student in August 2021, masha’Allah!

Umar is a student of the Quran and is learning proper recitation and tajweed, as well as working on his memorization, through our Quran For Kids Full Track course. This is our most comprehensive Quran class for kids and teens as it encompasses all aspects of learning the Quran, alhamdulillah.

Umar shared with us that his brother used to be a Studio Arabiya student as well, masha’Allah! This is how he heard about it and why he enrolled with us in the first place, alhamdulillah. We love teaching siblings, masha’Allah!

When asked why he wanted to take our Quran class, Umar explained that he wants to learn how to recite the Quran properly. Masha’Allah, that’s an amazing goal to have! Although Umar was nervous when he first started classes with us, he is now much more comfortable and will soon begin his second year as a Studio Arabiya student insha’Allah.

Last but not least, Umar said that the one word he would use to describe Studio Arabiya would be: FUN! And that is because the teachers make the learning material fun when studying. Our teachers have a lot of experience teaching kids, and they know exactly how to make their classes and materials engaging, interactive and most definitely FUN!


Thank you, Umar, for being one of our dedicated Quran students masha’Allah! Keep it up! And thank you to your parents for allowing us to teach you the Book of Allah SWT. May Allah SWT preserve His Words in your heart and give you and your family success in this life and the next, ameen!

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