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Studio Arabiya Student Of The Month – February 2022

Studio Arabiya Student Of The Month – February 2022

At Studio Arabiya Institute, we are so very proud of our students, their individual journeys and their progress, especially in times like the ones we are currently living. It’s not easy to focus on studies and perfect ourselves during a global pandemic that seems to be never-ending. May Allah SWT continue to put barakah (blessing) in your time and tawfeeq (success) in your endeavors, ameen!

For this reason, we have decided to start a new series this month to honor our hard-working students insha’Allah: introducing Studio Arabiya Student Of The Month series! Each month insha’Allah, we will be featuring one of our students, their journey, their experience with us, their progress, and their personality. Each post will be a token of appreciation to all of you out there who have decided to entrust us with your learning of Arabic, Quran and Islam: we are so blessed to have you!

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This month, meet Alisher!


Alisher is a Business student at King’s College London (UK) who is passionate about self-growth, reading non-fictional books, going to the gym and traveling to broaden his horizon.

Alisher became a Studio Arabiya student at the beginning of April 2021. After doing a thorough online research on various platforms that existed to learn the Quran, Alisher realized that Studio Arabiya would be the best one, alhamdulillah. When asked why he wanted to learn the Quran, Alisher explained, “I always wanted to recite and memorize Qur’an correctly and beautifully but I didn’t know Arabic at all.”

This is why he started with our Noor Al-Bayan course, a short course focused on the fundamentals of the Arabic language. It covers the Arabic letters with their shapes and forms, the mudood (alif, waw and yaa), sukoon, tanween, and shaddah. It also covers the fundamentals of Quran recitation along with a lot of practice for the student to fully grasp each concept.

Masha’Allah, Alisher has already completed his Noor Al-Bayan curriculum and is now taking our Qur’an For Adults Full Track course. This is our most comprehensive Quran class for adults as it encompasses all aspects of learning the Quran, alhamdulillah: reading, recitation, tajweed and memorization.

Alisher is enjoying his class a lot. “I love my teacher. He is so so good. And I am sure Studio Arabiya has the best teachers in general.” Alisher said, masha’Allah! We are definitely very proud of our wonderful teachers, masha’Allah, may Allah SWT increase them and reward them for all they do, ameen!

Alisher has learnt much more than the Arabic alphabet, though. “Now I connected my life with Qur’an and cannot imagine even [a] single day without it. My goal is to become hafidth and get Ijaazah from memorization In sha Allah.” Masha’Allah, this is an amazing goal that we absolutely LOVE to hear from our students! May Allah SWT give you success in this sacred endeavor, ameen!

One thing that Alisher loves about Studio Arabiya is the flexibility we offer: “I can make my own schedule or reschedule my sessions if something comes up.” All of that can be done directly by the student in their user-friendly portal account, where they can also communicate with their teacher, find all their resources including the course textbook, a virtual Mushaf, an activity center, and so much more!

We asked Alisher to pick one word that, for him, would best describe Studio Arabiya, and his answer was: “motivative, as I get a lot of motivation from my teacher and support in general. The service is high class.” Masha’Allah, walhamdulillah!


As we are about to welcome the blessed month of Ramadan insha’Allah, we feel humbled, blessed and honored to think that Alisher will be celebrating his first anniversary as a Studio Arabiya student insha’Allah! May Allah SWT bless his learning journey and allow him to fulfill his beautiful goal to grow closer to His Creator, Our Creator, ameen!

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