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Studio Arabiya Review in Al Jumuah Magazine

Studio Arabiya Review in Al Jumuah Magazine

I’m so excited about our review in Al Jumuah Magazine that came out in late February, I wanted to quickly share a few features that were pointed out by the author.  Alhumdulillah, Studio Arabiya got a very good review.

The author Zainab Khan, in her article E-Enlightenment – the global online revolution in Arabic and Islamic studies, described her experience and the positives and negatives she had with 8 different online Arabic and Islamic studies programs.  Of those programs included, three were of our type: one-on-one Arabic and Qur’an classes online.

What did Khan say about Studio Arabiya?

“One of the many advantages it provides is that its founder has had intimate experience starting off as a non-native speaker, who then spent many years trying to become as proficient as a native speaker.”

“Graff brings the heart of a long-time student of Arabic and Quran to his institution.”

“Customer service is excellentpositive user-feedback is high, and it has one of the easiest navigable and aesthetic websites on the market.”

“Studio Arabiya’s evaluation system makes for a fast and efficient transition into serious studies.”

“All courses are designed to provide one-on-one time between teacher and student for a flat fee of $79/month, which is hands down the best fee among all the paying programs with qualified teachers…”

Khan mentioned of her experience during her trial: “My experience with the free trial in Arabic and Qur’an showed me that the Quran course was surprisingly strong.  The teacher was well-skilled, could discern the right and wrong sounds I was making (I compared it to a live experience I had with her to make my evaluation accurate), and conducted herself with professionalism and meticulousness.”


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