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Studio Arabiya Review at

Studio Arabiya Review at

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 4.24.06 PMStudio Arabiya has been reviewed on the website by Shannen, a homeschooling, Muslim convert mom.

Overview of Shannen’s Review:

“I can say both Care Bear and I are very happy with Studio Arabiya at this point, alhamdulilah. I like that it is one thing off my plate, and it motivates me to get to a point where I can take a class also, in sha Allah. Before, Qur’an work seemed so hard when we would do it together since neither of us are an expert, so it seemed like such a big hill to climb. I started wondering if I’d ever get ahead of my kids and be able to teach them myself. Now watching Care Bear work with her teacher and make great progress on reviewing her suwar and perfecting her tajweed, it seems more within my grasp.”

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