Student Spotlight

[Student Spotlight] Zainab A.

[Student Spotlight] Zainab A.

Meet: Zainab A.

Fun Facts

  • Age: 25
  • Location: UK
  • Student Since: 2015
  • Courses: Ijaazah Program

What were your goals?

My goal was to fix up anymore errors in my recitation, ensure that I know all the detailed rules and achieve an Ijaazah.

How did you feel studying with Studio Arabiya?

I had a very enjoyable experience throughout and although I would have never imagined, I felt that I had let go of something I enjoyed a lot once the classes finished. I liked the fact that my classes were one-to-one, tailored to suit me and that my progress was based on my pace of learning. I never once felt intimidated or that I had lost hope because the teacher was very encouraging. There would always be a summary at the end of the lesson about how that days lesson went, the good parts, and areas that need work.​