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Role of Online Quran Tutors In Making You Self-sufficient For Quran Memorization

Role of Online Quran Tutors In Making You Self-sufficient For Quran Memorization

Everybody is acquainted with the fact that the Quran comprises Allah’s سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَى message and to know what this message is all about, learning, reciting, and memorization of the Quran is pivotal. Online Quran tutors play a key role in teaching the appropriate pronunciation of Arabic letters and they make learners familiar with tajweed rules. The learners can listen to the recorded lessons at any time during the day and night. With the right guidance from these tutors, they can learn about the clear sound of every letter. These tutors make them aware of the consequences of the inappropriate pronunciation of words and letters. They also make so many apps accessible to students that are compatible with various devices. Whichever app or software they use, they share the link associated with it via several platforms including Zoom, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, and many more.

How To Gain Proficiency In Pronunciation 

Makharij (the place in our vocal system where the sound of the letter is formed and how so) is an integral component of Arabic letters and without knowing about Makharij, nobody can gain proficiency in the right pronunciation of the words of the Quran. The Online Quran teachers explain the makharij to students in detail. For the questions that arise with students, the veteran tutors give correct answers. To simplify the learning process, the professional tutors transform the entire Quran into a mode of recitation that they easily grasp and understand. The students get an opportunity to learn from world-renowned scholars who have the technical know-how of every aspect of the sacred Quran. Through online courses, an individual can directly connect with the famous reciters as well who are fluent in Arabic letters that are frequently utilized in the divine Quran. The study materials, lessons, lectures, and videos related to the Arabic language and Quran memorization give a sense of fulfillment and happiness of learning at an exceptional pace. In comparison to elderly people, the children and adolescents have more zeal for memorizing information and when they get enrolled in online classes and courses, they fulfill this zeal of theirs. The holy Quran inspires everyone to move on the right path and promote brotherhood in the world. With the recitation of the Quran, one can feel that God is always there with him if he performs good deeds and whatever problems he stumbles upon right now will come to end soon if he regularly recites and memorizes the sacred Quran. Via these courses, one can enhance speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills within the shortest time possible.

Highlights Of Online Courses and Classes: 

  • Downloadable resources
  • Study materials
  • Online Lectures by Professional Mentors
  • Certification After Completion
  • Accessibility on Mobile and Television
  • Feedback sessions
  • Group Discussions
  • Interactive sessions with classmates

How To Acquire A Clear Understanding Of Complex Words 

Some of the institutes also conduct webinars and workshops for a clear understanding of the holy Quran, Arabic words, formation of sentences, complex words, and correct pronunciation. These courses are not restricted to any specific age and folks of diverse ages can join them. Some of the courses also cover the life of Prophet Muhammad, his teachings, his principles, attitude towards life, helpful nature, and how he treated people belonging to different communities. The students from several cultural backgrounds communicate on different platforms, know about the Arabic language, the verses of the Quran, and get exposure to innovative learning methodologies. The students can learn faster with a wide range of sources utilized in courses that include worksheets, textbooks, engaging quizzes, puzzles, games, rhymes, and animated videos. Each student is provided individualized attention from tutors during courses and those who have a slow grasping power have the flexibility to participate in extra classes as well.

How To Become Self-sufficient 

Not only in classical and colloquial Arabic, but the well-qualified online quran teachers have expertise in a wide assortment of subjects and they spend maximum time in classes, online lectures, and webinars so that there should be no dearth of methods that endorse outstanding learning. Students become self-sufficient in reciting and memorizing the Quran with no extreme efforts required from their end. They just need to attend their classes on a regular basis. Studio Arabiya is recognized as an institute that offers the best courses for kids as well as adults. Here, the veteran and certified tutors are available round-the-clock. They pick the most experienced and knowledgeable tutors from AlAzhar University, a globally renowned university. Their courses range from Sarf to Balagha, education technology to calligraphy, and educational psychology to Arabic dictation. They follow a structured and systematic course plan that is exceptional in learning at a rapid pace.