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Ramadan Word Scramble [FREE]

Ramadan Word Scramble [FREE]

Ramadan Word Scramble
FREE Ramadan Word Scramble – Arabic and English versions included!

During the blessed month of Ramadan, it can be challenging for parents, teachers, and caregivers in general, to find educational yet fun activities for kids and teens to do that will not drain our energy completely. At Studio Arabiya, we understand that (o, so well!), and that is why every single year we try to provide new Ramadan activities for young minds – and they are all FREE! – like this Ramadan Scramble Word, which includes both an Arabic AND English version with answers! Click the button below to download it!


Are you looking for more Ramadan activities, tips and articles? We’ve got you covered! Check out these FREE resources below:


  • Our blog directly lists all articles you need to make the most of the blessed month of Ramadan! Our latest blog articles include:
    • “Ramadan”: only once in the Quran
    • What is Ramadan?
    • Ramadan Study Plan: 7 Tips for Students
    • A Muslim Teen’s First Ramadan: 10 Tips


  • Our Student Portal features a FREE course that combines all our Ramadan freebies (and more) so you can conveniently access all of our free downloads, activities and more in one place! Our latest freebies include:
    • Ramadan Word Scramble (Arabic and English versions)
    • Ramadan 2024 Khatmat ul-Quran Calendar
    • Ramadan Prep 2024 Magazine – Studio Arabiya Times 2023-24


Not finding what you are looking for? Please comment below and let us know what articles and freebies would be helpful to you this Ramadan insha’Allah!

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