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Ramadan Prep 2024 Magazine – Studio Arabiya Times 2023-24

Ramadan Prep 2024 Magazine – Studio Arabiya Times 2023-24

FREE Ramadan Prep 2024 Magazine
FREE Ramadan Prep 2024 Magazine

Our Ramadan Prep 2024 edition is here!

Download our FREE quarterly magazine to accompany you in your learning journey of Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies in this time of year when we all need deen-focused tips, activities and articles to make the best of the blessed month of Ramadan insha’Allah.

Whether you are thinking about learning Arabic, Quran or Islamic Studies, recently just started, already a student of knowledge, or even a teacher, this magazine is for you! We have included dedicated articles for kids, teens and parents as well – and it’s completely FREE!

With Ramadan right around the corner, we wanted to offer you and your family some tips, activities and educational resources to best prepare for the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. The month of Ramadan always goes by so fast, but the months and weeks that precede it go just as fast and are often overlooked. Let’s shake things up this year and prepare for Ramadan like never before insha’Allah!
Included in this edition:
  • What Is Ramadan?
  • Arabic Names of the Quran
  • 6 Tips to replace Bad Habits with Good Ones
  • For Kids: 5 Facts About Ramadan
  • For Teens: First Ramadan, I’m nervous!
  • For Parents: A guide to encourage kids to learn the deen
  • For Students: Ramadan Study Plan – 7 Tips
… and much more!!!
CLICK HERE to get your free copy now!

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