Ramadan is Coming, Are You Ready?

Ramadan is Coming, Are You Ready?

3 Simple Ways to Get Ready for Ramadan

Here are few simple tips I would like to share that could make the coming weeks easier for you, as you prepare for the month-long marathon.

1. Renew Your Intention with Allah

A simple renewal of your intention to enter this month for the sake of Allah will give you that extra support needed to make this month easy and delightful. Remember that this month is to bring you closer to Allah, to strengthen your relationship with the Quran, and to allow us to uphold one of the pillars of Islam.

2. Simple Preparations at Home

Preparing ahead of time for the month of Ramadan will allow you to relieve some of the stress during the month. Pre-cook some meals and put them in the freezer, so you don’t have to spend as much energy cooking during the day. Finish up some last-minute errands and work that you have been meaning to finish, so you don’t have to worry about it when you’re tired from not eating. Do some last-minute cleaning and organizing, so you can focus on what matters in a neat and orderly home.

3. Get Your Mind Ready

Mentally prepare yourself for the month of fasting, long days, late nights, and a schedule that almost always gets thrown off during the month of Ramadan. Tell yourself that you CAN do it. Fasting will be easy inshAllah, you will reach your goal of reading Quran, and you WILL have the best Ramadan. Stay positive as you enter this month and encourage your family to welcome Ramadan!

One thing that I always worry about as Ramadan approaches is fasting. Will I be able to fast easily? How will I fast while my small children need me? But then I remember the many Ramadans before, where it always worked out, and it always seems easier than I remember.

How do YOU prepare for this month?

May Allah accept all of our fasts and guide us, as we enter this Holy Month of Ramadan.

It’s that time of the year again. The blessed month of Ramadan, full of reading Quran, making lots of Du’aa, fasting, cooking, and daily trips to the masjid. It’s a time that many Muslims look forward to, counting the days and months until this blessed month arrives. However fast or slow it comes, and inshAllah it comes for us all, some people are just not prepared for the long days of fasting, the busy time in the kitchen, preparing meals for your family and friends, and the feeling that there’s just not enough time for ibaadah, as you cater towards your family and children. With a little bit of mental preparation and setting your intention to make this your best Ramadan ever, you will be ready once that first day of Ramadan comes.