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Quran Games: 5 Benefits For Your Child’s Learning Journey

Quran Games: 5 Benefits For Your Child’s Learning Journey

Studio Arabiya Quran Games
Quran Games: 5 Benefits For Your Child’s Learning Journey

Quran Games: 5 Benefits For Your Child’s Learning Journey

Learning how to recite the Quran properly with tajweed, memorize its verses and apply its teachings in our lives is very important in the life of the Muslim. When we become parents, we want our children to realize this importance and take it to heart to strive on this journey as young as possible. But we easily forget that they are still young and they don’t grasp this importance yet. This is why, at Studio Arabiya, we make sure that our kids’ classes are fun, entertaining and interactive. Not only thanks to our qualified teachers who have a lot of experience teaching kids online, but also with our online student portal that integrates Quran games to take their learning to the next level insha’Allah! So how do our Quran games help students learn better? Let’s dive into 5 benefits that our Quran games will bring into your child’s learning journey insha’Allah!


Our Quran games make learning fun

There are many great Quran classes for kids out there in terms of class content, however, most of them are no fun. When we forget to make Quran learning fun for children, they often end up dragging their feet to their classes. We want to foster a love for the Quran in their heart, but quite the opposite happens when there is no time or space for fun in Quran learning. This is why we make it a point to offer fun, entertaining and interactive classes to our students, especially when they are still very young, so that they can grow a love for the Quran insha’Allah. Our online student portal features an activity center with many Quran games that make learning tajweed, recitation, memorization and understanding so much fun and entertaining!


They make learning better

Play is so important for young children, and research actually shows that play fosters learning in much better ways than any other method. Play helps children retain information better, enjoy what they are learning and connect it to their everyday lives. As a result, play-based learning is more effective on young brains. Each of our online classes gives students 24/7 access to a dedicated activity center in which they can find interactive, fun games to complement what they have covered in class with their teacher. Puzzle games, memorization strips, matching games… We select games that help students imprint the information better and in multiple ways for a better learning experience.

Studio Arabiya Quran Games
Quran games in our online Quran classes for kids!

Our Quran games sound real… because they are!

If you have applications on your device with Arabic or Quran games for children, you might have noticed that the voices are a little off sometimes, or that the pronunciation is not correct. Many of these applications use computer-generated voices or AI, neither of which can compete with native Arabic speakers! We have taken our Quran games to the next level: we have REAL native Arabic speakers (our teachers or staff in Egypt) who spend time recording all the voice overs for our games available in our online student portal, making the experience as real as it can get!


They take kids’ learning beyond the classroom

When kids learn something new (this is true for adults, too!), it is important to find as many avenues as possible to foster that learning, whether that is through repetitions, asking them questions, asking them to explain with their own words, doing activities, playing games, etc. But we also know that parents are busy, masha’Allah! So we make things easier for everyone by including many fun activities and games in our online student portal, so that you only have to do minimal follow-up.


They tap into kids’ interests

Puzzles, Legos, video games… We know – oh, so well! – what kids like and enjoy! So we have incorporated all of that, and so much more in our activity center, to make our Quran games fun for our young learners. We know that, if kids are interested in the activities, they will be more keen on learning and their love for the Quran will grow thanks to the positive experience they have insha’Allah.

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At Studio Arabiya, we know a thing or two about teaching kids the Quran and how to make this the best learning experience for them! Come try it out for your child today, and enroll at!

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