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Pumpkins, Arabic and Halloween Words

Pumpkins, Arabic and Halloween Words


Halloween and Arabic Words

While many Muslims refrain from celebrating Halloween due to its Pagan origins and its focus on the occult and the macabre, there are some interesting words often used in the Halloween season that actually have Arabic origins.

The first of these is ghoul – from the Arabic word ghul (demon or spirit.)  It’s said to have originated from the root word ghala (to seize) as a ghoul can seize the form and shape of the animal or human that it attacks.

Another is genie, related to the Arabic word jinni or jinn.  The word originates from junna, which means to hide or conceal, as they are a type of creature that are unseen to us.

Pumpkin in the Quran and Sunnah (!)

Since we are right in the middle of pumpkin season, we thought we would share with you all a few things about pumpkins in the Quran and Sunnah:

Pumpkin is actually mentioned by name in the Quran (the Arabic word is yaqteen – see Surah Saafaat, verse 146), and is mentioned as a type of food that nourished and helped heal the Prophet Yunus (peace be upon him), after he was cast out of the belly of the whale onto the shore:


فَلَوْلَا أَنَّهُ كَانَ مِنَ الْمُسَبِّحِينَ ﴿١٤٣﴾ 

And had he [Prophet Yunus] not been of those who exalt Allah


لَلَبِثَ فِي بَطْنِهِ إِلَىٰ يَوْمِ يُبْعَثُونَ ﴿١٤٤﴾ 


He would have remained inside [the whale’s] belly until the Day of Resurrection.


فَنَبَذْنَاهُ بِالْعَرَاءِ وَهُوَ سَقِيمٌ ﴿١٤٥﴾ 

But We threw him onto the open shore while he was ill.


وَأَنبَتْنَا عَلَيْهِ شَجَرَةً مِّن يَقْطِينٍ ﴿١٤٦﴾ 

And We caused to grow over him a gourd [lit. yaqteen] vine.

Interestingly, pumpkin was also one of the favorite foods of our blessed Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and its benefits were written about extensively by the great scholar Imam Ibn al-Qayyim in his famous book, Tibb an-Nabawi.

Maybe it’s time to check out some nice pumpkin recipes! 🙂


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