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Online Islamic Summer Camp with Studio Arabiya!

Online Islamic Summer Camp with Studio Arabiya!

Studio Arabiya’s Online Islamic Summer Camp: a deen-focused summer for less than $4 a day!

Summer is officially here! As a parent, you might be wondering: “What will my child do this summer? How can I make sure they will do something beneficial?”

Did you know that Studio Arabiya has an Islamic Online Summer Camp for kids and teens?

For your child’s Islamic education, Studio Arabiya Institute is here to help! Our Online Islamic Summer Camp offers your child a safe and convenient way to start or continue their Islamic learning in a fun, interactive and structured way. 


Studio Arabiya’s Online Islamic Summer Camp


What is Studio Arabiya’s Online Islamic Summer Camp?

We developed a unique teaching method that makes learning online fun, easy, and exciting. Our Summer Camp is our way of helping out parents who are looking for summer classes for their children and want to ensure that they are getting the highest quality education in the fields of the Arabic language, Islamic Studies, and all aspects of learning the Quran. Teaching these subjects requires teachers who are dedicated and knowledgeable and can make sure your children learn correctly.


Who is the Online Islamic Summer Camp for?

Our Summer Camp is for any child or teen who needs a structured but FUN summer plan to learn Arabic, Quran, and Islamic Studies. We offer three groups based on level: beginner, elementary and intermediate.


When is it?

Our second and last Summer Camp session will run from July 7 to September 1 insha’Allah. Don’t miss it! Registration is open: studioarabiya.com/online-islamic-summer-camp/  

Each of the three level-based group will meet daily for 45 minutes, Sunday through Thursday, and covers subjects in Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies.


How does it work?

Our Summer Camp is organized in small level-based groups with a teacher – all online from the safety and comfort of your home – or wherever you are traveling this summer!  

When the term begins, you will have access to your course materials in your online portal account. Parents will get access to each child’s course, so you can monitor and review with them what they are learning. Your child will sign in to their account, access the class through their online calendar, and attend the sessions. 

Classes use a mix of lecture-style learning and interactive learning, where students can interact with the teacher, answer questions, and more during the live sessions. Teachers are available for questions outside of class time in the class discussion area and you can connect with other students in the class.  

The teacher will assign homework and the class will have exams and quizzes. Your online portal account will also give you access to online learning materials, such as flashcards, listening practices, videos, and curriculum.


How do I enroll my child?

Click on the link in the caption, find your child’s level, click on the Enroll button and follow the directions to create a parent portal. After adding your child(ren) to your portal account, you may add the Summer Camp Level you wish to enroll your child in.


How much is it?

Our Summer Camp is only $159 per student, for 8 weeks of Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies learning – that’s less than $4 per class day!!! Less than a cup of coffee!!! 🤯


What do parents think about our Online Islamic Summer Camp?

“Brother Rehman taught so good to students in summer camp. Excellent teacher Alhamdulilah kids enjoyed it a lot. They are excited for next year inshallah.” Sara and Farzan S.

“My daughter is going to be 6 next month and she is thriving well in summer group one […]. After first week of summer program, she loves her teacher Mr.Youssef. He is amazing teacher. He gives special time to all kids and his method of teaching is really great. My daughter usually doesn’t like online classes but with him she wait for her class and once class start she kept engage throughout class and I don’t even have to sit with her. That’s a great achievement by teacher. Thanks Mr.Youssef for teaching our kids in such a special way. My daughter says that Mr.Youssef is the best teacher in the whole world.” Syeda Humna R.



Contact us today through our website at StudioArabiya.com, email us at support@studioarabiya.com or find us on social media, including Facebook and Instagram!

We can’t wait to have your child join us for our second and last Summer Camp session! Enroll today at studioarabiya.com/online-islamic-summer-camp/

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