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Studio Arabiya has been reviewed on the website by best-selling author and solopreneur, Ponn Sabra.

As stated in her introduction: "Our journey to find the best, most affordable live distance learning or in-person Qur’an and Arabic Programs have lasted for MANY years. Subhan Allah, Glory be to Allah, Studio Arabiya connected us. If you’re a loyal reader, you know I only give detailed critical reviews, and it is a big compliment if my family and I choose to work with any company long-term. However, the biggest compliment, is when my husband and I choose to invest or purchase a product or service based on our review. Well, Studio Arabiya received that highest level of approval!"

Some notable points that Sabra made about Studio Arabiya:

"My husband and I are most grateful for her instructor’s ability to bring a whole new dimension of Qur’an in our daughter’s life, and pray for her and her family every day. Alhumdulilah!"

"Studio Arabiya offers incomparable resources we’ve never seen in one single place for Arabic and Qur’anic resources."

"White Board accessible by both the instructor and student, Shared documents, Qur’an, books, Superb sound quality, and we rarely loose down time due to poor Internet connection or Skype’s not reliable services."

"Tech support helped us and the one instructor live. It was awesome! It shows the kind of expert support they offer their employees, their instructors too."

"Skilled, Patient, Loving Instructors Who Are Muslims At Heart and In Practice. Yes, it’s sad I have to write this, alluding to the fact that other Muslim companies who hire Muslims don’t have the same, but it’s true, subhan Allah. "

Ponn mentioned of her experience during her trial: "During my 2-weeks, I accomplished more in my 50-mins with her than I ever had with any other Qur’an teacher ever before, mashaAllah."

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Monday, May 29 2023
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