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Leaving For Hajj? Consider These Tips For An Easy And Fulfilling Spiritual Journey!

Leaving For Hajj? Consider These Tips For An Easy And Fulfilling Spiritual Journey!

Those who are familiar with the Quran know that there are several verses discussing Hajj. Hajj is one of the most gratifying religious obligations and is considered a duty for all abled Muslims but only the fortunate ones get the opportunity to visit the House of Allah. The date of Hajj 2023 is drawing near and the excitement of the pilgrimage has already set in. Hajj requires good physical health and great imaan (faith), which makes it possible to make the necessary preparations for the performing of Hajj. A staggering 3 million pilgrims perform Hajj every year and not everyone who embarks on this experience is prepared for what it entails. In order to clarify your Hajj journey, here is a list of few helpful points to take note of:

  • Carry extra copies of essential documents: Ensure that you have extra copies of all your important documents as there is always a possibility of things getting lost during Hajj. Place extra copies in different places so that in case one gets lost, you are carrying the other one with you.
  • Make sure that you prepare your body physically. Some people forget to pay the much-needed attention to their physical fitness before embarking on Hajj. It is vital that you exercise as much as you can before your trip, as during the journey you could walk as many as 20 miles. Staying fit will make it easier for you to carry out your religious obligations and you’ll be able to enjoy the experience more without getting tired in the process. While tawaf (circumambulation) and sa’ee (the walking between the mounts of Safa and Marwa) isn’t strenuous, during Hajj it can become arduous. Crushing crowds and having to perform tawaf from different levels of the structure surrounding the Ka’bah can make it longer and harder. Ideally, it’s best to begin your physical fitness routine 5-6 months before Hajj, but even if you can prepare just a few weeks or days before it will help.
  • Pack smart. What you put in your carry-on is vital. Considering that, on average, most hujjaj (pilgrims) may need to wait around four hours to be processed before entering the city, your carry-on items are extremely important. Carry some snacks and hygiene products and an extra ihram (special clothing worn by a male pilgrim) and or change of clothes (for women). This will come in handy in case your bag gets lost or you get sick or spill or need to freshen up. Since the Hajj terminal has limited facilities, it is advisable to carry extra snacks and water bottles.
  • Pack fundamentals for a comfy stay. Essentials like tissues, plastic cups, small backpack, slippers, towels, and toiletries can make your stay in Mina more comfortable. Form a small amenity kit for your Mina stays. One-piece hijabs for Hajj and Umrah can ward off the worries of women as these hijabs stay put and cover the hair.
  • Understand that the bathroom situation can be challenging. Toilets in Hajj and Mina are basic and limited. Try to limit your food and water consumption before you enter the plane to Jeddah and also during Hajj. Try to balance your water intake as you may get dehydrated during the flight. Balancing your water intake will ensure that you don’t need to use the toilet often which can lead to problems at inopportune times, like when you are in transit and there is a long way before the next stop.
  • Stay patient. Everyone says it, for every Hajj, but it can’t be stressed enough. Considering that around 3 million people come to perform Hajj, you are bound to come across different types of people, traveling and discom and things may not always go as you planned them. Maintain your patience in such times. Have faith in Allah and stay calm in your holy journey. Let your love for Quranand Islam act as a calming and motivating force for you in the journey.

The above-mentioned tips can assist you in what you can expect in your journey and make your Hajj a memorable experience. Since Hajj is considered to be one of the most transformational journeys in a person’s life, it is worth every bit of time and hardship. Consider Allah SWT to be your mentor and embark on this life-changing experience with complete faith that God is protecting you throughout the journey.

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