Learning Arabic

[Infographic] Top 10 Reasons to Learn Arabic Language

1. Chosen by Allah ﷻ

2. Improves cognitive ability

3. Avoid misconceptions

4. It is the 5th most common language in the world.

5. Knowledge of Arabic makes one's devotion and worship much more meaningful 

6. Access books on Islamic Sciences to engage with the religion with greater depth.

7. Understand the words of the Prophet (Peace and blessings be upon him)

8. Reading the Quran and reciting the Quran in Arabic are promised to be rewarded with countless earthly and celestial blessings.

9. Arabic-speaking nations are a fast-growing market for trade. Initiatives to integrate the Arab world into the global economy are opening up numerous potential new business opportunities.

10. With the growing importance of the Middle East in international affairs, there is thus an extreme shortage of workers in the West who are versed in Arabic language and culture which has inadvertently made it the most sought-after language especially in America.

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