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Surah Al-Kahf is the 18th Surah of the Quran. Comprised of 110 verses and translating to "The Cave", it is considered by many to be among the most important Surahs in the entire Quran. That is not to say that any Surah in the Quran is unimportant or ...

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When we think about Layla tul Qadr, we think about everything that we can do in order to reap all of the rewards from that night.Of course, why wouldn't we right? And, don't worry, we will get to that below. However, before we do, it's important to k...

For decades, critics of Islam have drawn on the fact the Quran supposedly tells its readers to "kill the infidels" in order to support their anti-Islam propaganda. However, anybody who is truly familiar with the Quran and its contents knows that this is not intended to incite Muslims to violence against non-Muslims. Contrary to the belief of most anti-Islamic writers, Islam holds no ill-will towards other religions. In fact, the Quran actively encourages its followers to live in peace with those of other faiths. Similarly, the Hadith - a collection of sayings attributed to the prophet Muhammad - calls for love and understanding towards other religions. In this article, we're going to be taking a closer look at what the Quran and the Hadith have to say about other religions, quoting directly from the sources in order to disprove the myth that Muslims harbor resentment towards those who do not share their beliefs. Let's get started!

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Istikhara prayer is a very simple, powerful and unique prayer in Islam for seeking Allah's guidance and asking for His divine help.In our lives, whenever we find ourselves stuck in taking major life decisions, we should turn to istikhara. As only Allah is aware of the future and only He knows what is best; istikhara prayer guides us in making the right decision. According to Islam, it is suggested to pray Istikhara whenever we need to take any important major or minor life decisions, although scholars suggest praying istikhara for even small matters and one can even pray istikhara at the beginning of each day, so Allah guides the person in all matters and keeps one away from all evil. Istikhara prayer is considered to be a powerful tool that connects us with Allah so we can take His guidance in all important matters.

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Isn't it amazing how many times Allah describes the Quran as an Arabic book, i.e., a book in the Arabic language ?  Allah has made the book in the Ara...

Proper recitation of the Quran is essential. Quran recitation is more than just learning the words or knowing the rhythm. Furthermore, to become an expert at the recitation of the Quran, it is vital to learn Tajweed and make sure to update yourself so that you do not make any repeated mistakes in the recitation. By applying proper Tajweed rules, you can recite Quran beautifully.

So, here are some of the tips that can help you learn and improve the Quran recitation in an easy way.

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​ The blessed month of Ramadan is just a few days away! A month of forgiveness, connection, devotion, remembrance, brotherhood and sisterhood... May it be a month of healing and reawakening for all of us, Ameen. ​Here is one of my favorite hadith (pr...

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