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How to Speak...

How to Speak...

I came across this lovely image the other day on Muslim writer and teacher Zaufishan's page, quoting some of the exhortations in the Quran on how we should speak:



Sr. Zaufishan says:

"Allah uses the word Ehsaan frequently due to its multiple meanings.

Coming from the root Ha-sa-na (hassan), the most basic definition of Ehsaan is beautification. To take something ugly and beautify it. Thus, it is the best action. To speak with Ehsaan would be closest to Allah.

Allah ta`la tells us how to speak, when to speak and why. Speech is an art form and as an intellectually gifted species we should tell ourselves to master this skill. What we say becomes what we do. So why not become 'godly', rabbani (People of God) and talk in the most elevated way we can?"

ayah speak good
"And speak to people good [words] (hussna)" Al-Baqarah [a part of verse 83] - Qur'an. وقولوا للناس حسنا

Sr. Zaufishan originally made this image as part of a larger lesson for students on 'How to Speak According to the Quran.'  She shares it along with some other great teaching resources on the topic.  Head on over to her page to download a related Powerpoint slideshow as well as other creative learning ideas!



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Friday, 15 November 2019
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