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Here’s Why You Should Consider Taking Summer Classes

Here’s Why You Should Consider Taking Summer Classes

A lot of students all around the world seek to take summer classes to improve their skills in some areas, graduate faster, or learn new things to feed their interests. No matter what motive you have, you get to enjoy the benefits of summer classes.

What Do You Get From Summer Classes?

Summer classes are a good way to gain some benefits during the school break. “Summer is for relaxation!” they say. You can still have that plus the summer class that you’ll be learning so much from!

1. More Time To Learn New Things

With the absence of school stress and/or with a more relaxed summer schedule at work, you enjoy more free time to learn the things you’re interested in. Summer schools have various summer programs that can fit your interests, you just need to find them.

2. Improve Your Skills

Whether you’re learning from scratch or improving a set of skills you have, summer classes will help you achieve that during a short period of time. You can pick any skill you want to improve, search for a program, and get started.

3. It Can Be Done Online

You don’t have to head to a real place to learn. Online summer classes are now available in a lot of fields and can be taken from the comfort of your home. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the chances of finding something you’re interested in to learn online.

4. You Make Use Of The Vacation

While you can still have fun in the summer, you can also make use of the time that may be wasted during the break. You get to go back to school or work with new skills and knowledge that can make the whole year easier for you.

5. Reach Your Goals Faster

If you’re learning a new language, aiming to graduate earlier, or exploring something totally ambiguous to you, summer classes will help reach whatever goal you have faster. It guarantees you achieve your goals before someone who spent the summer just chilling out.

6. Helps You Be Occupied During Summer Break

Some people get bored after 2 or 3 weeks in the summer break – if you have kids, you know this too well! Whenever you (or your children) feel bored and have enough of the summer laziness, you can turn to summer classes and sign (them) up for something that can make you (them) occupied.

7. Less Peer Pressure

Summer classes are usually smaller than regular classes. You get to learn and grow without dealing with the high peer pressure that some people struggle with. The small-sized classes also give you better teacher attention, which will help in the overall learning experience.


Can I Take Islamic Summer Classes?

Yes, you can take Islamic summer classes. Lots of Islamic summer schools in the U.S. are growing and developing new programs that fit all Muslims who want to learn about different things in Islam.

You can also take Islamic summer classes online. You can search the areas you want to explore or improve and you’ll find numerous helpful courses that are just a click away. You get to view the instructor, course duration, content, price, level, and learning outcomes.

Furthermore, many online summer schools are currently paying more attention to Islamic summer classes for kids where they’ll be taught about the fundamentals of Islam and the basics of the Quran, starting from the age of four.

This is extremely helpful for parents who want their children to learn about their religion but struggle with school load. Summer is a great opportunity to connect more with religious studies in their free time.

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What You Can Learn From Islamic Summer Classes

Depending on the summer program you’re enrolling in, you can learn a lot of things from Islamic summer schools. Here are some examples:

1. Quran Recitation

If you’re struggling to read Quran and know how the words are pronounced, you should take a Quran recitation class. Learning Quran recitations involves learning the right Arabic pronunciation and the rules of recitation.

2. Ahadith

Ahadith are reported narrations of the words, actions, traditions and behaviors of our Prophet Muhammad in different aspects of life, which form the sunnah. Together with the Quran, these narrations form the basis of Islamic law, theology and spirituality, and learning them is therefore an integral part of our faith.

3. Tajweed

With Tajweed, you learn how to recite the Quran correctly, obtain a better comprehension of the verses’ contents, experience the true beauty of the Quranic text, acquire endless good deeds for reciting correctly, and prevent misunderstanding while reading Arabic words.

4. Fiqh

Fiqh is the human understanding of divine Islamic law as revealed in the Quran and sunnah. When you learn Fiqh, you get to study and understand principles of Islamic law which pertain to various aspects of life and are therefore better able to apply them.

5. Tafsir

Learning Tafsir (or Tafseer) is essential in acquiring guidance from scholars on how to interpret and understand the Quran. Professional tutors can also be hired to teach people how to understand what they recite from the Quran.

6. Seerah

Seraah (or As-Seerah an-Nabawiyyah) is the prophetic biography of our glorious Prophet Muhammad. The importance of studying Seerah comes from the essential information that we get from the life of the Prophet and his companions رضي الله عنه in order to learn from them and try our best to follow the example of the best person to ever walk the face of this earth: Prophet Muhammad.

7. Quran Memorization, or Hifdh/Hifz

You can memorize Quran by yourself. However, you may need some techniques instructed by professional tutors that can make it easier for you. Mentoring and revising are also required to make a progress in memorization.

Other things can be included in summer Islamic programs such as Islamic laws, Islamic history, women of Islam, race in Islam, Muslim family laws, Muslim community teachings, and so many other issues that can interest people in the 21st century.

What are you waiting for? Consider signing up for an online summer Islamic school now and make learning plans for the summer!

Related Questions

How Long Do Summer Classes Last?

The duration of summer classes you can sign for depends on the summer school you choose. Many schools offer multiple summer “sessions,” that each last for 3 weeks, others might have longer terms (half summer, or full summer classes). Make sure to check the duration before you sign up to guarantee that you can commit to it.

How Many Hours A Day Are Required For Summer Classes?

Summer school classes may take up to 3 or 4 hours per day. They are generally longer than regular school classes, although you can also find shorter sessions, or multiple sessions spread across the week. The daily or weekly duration of classes is dependent on the entire class duration (in weeks) and the learning outcomes expected from it.

Is Summer School Effective For Kids To Learn Quran?

Yes, summer school can be effective for kids to learn Quran. A lot of professional Quran tutors are trained to teach and interact with children of all ages. They can adjust their teaching methods to benefit the children and achieve the expected learning outcomes.

Can I Get Certificates For Online Summer Classes?

Yes, you can receive certificates of completion when you take online summer classes and fulfill the requirements. Online summer schools imitate the real summer schools and some of these give you a verified certificate of completion when you successfully pass all the modules and tests.

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