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Cute Arabic Memes to Share with Your Spouse

cake topper

Here are a few cute Arabic related memes that you can share with your spouse.   They're a surefire way to earn some extra points for your thoughtfulness, as well as for your spouse to encourage your Arabic studies!  You can thank us later... :)


you are for me

"You (fem.) are for me." 


Sweet and simple with a lovely design.




i love you


A classic 'I love you.'




I was like waw


A bit of humor--  it's always a good thing to be wowed by your spouse!




the map of love


"How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways..."




start of my soul and the end

"And I love you.  You're the start of my soul, and you're the end."


(-Mahmoud Darwish, contemporary Palestinian poet)




* All Images found via Pinterest.
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