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Creative Learning Idea: DIY Arabic Letter Magnet Board for Kids

We're always trying to come up with creative ideas to help our children learn Arabic, and here's one inspired by a classic Pinterest craft: a DIY learning magnet board for Arabic letters and numbers.

What you'll need:

- A stainless steel cookie sheet (Basically any kind that is *not* non-stick)

- Rust-oleum spray paint in a color of your choice, or craft paper and Elmer's Glue (optional)

- Arabic letter and number magnets

- Ribbon (optional)


First, you'll need a stainless steel cookie sheet. (You can even find these at the dollar store for just $1!)  This is what serves as the magnetic board for the letters to attach to.

cookie sheet

Next, you can paint your cookie sheet a fun color using a spray paint like Rust-oleum:

(via Pinterest) (via Pinterest)

Or you can cover it with a cute pattern of scrapbook paper of your choice. Here's an example from the Creative Thriftiness Blog.  After making a design with a few different kinds of scrapbook paper, she coats the whole thing with a thin layer of Elmer's glue to keep it in place.  This is a great option if you are re-using an older cookie sheet that may have marks or discoloration.

craft paper inside cookie sheet

Here's another cute design from A Crafty Mom's Life:

scrapbook paper cookie sheet

Next, all you need are some Arabic letter and number magnets, that can be found sold at Islamic conferences or online.  (I picked up our button shaped letter magnets from an ISNA convention.)  Here are some cute ones found via Etsy:

Arabic letter and number magnets from the Creative Motivations Etsy Shop

arabic numbers

(From the Creative Motivations Etsy Shop)


Lastly, to hang your board, you can attach a short piece of ribbon to the back of the cookie sheet with glue or tape.  Alternatively, you can opt to leave your board un-hung and more reachable, to be used on an activity table, learning area, etc.


That's all you need to make a great, cheap and easy DIY magnet board for children to learn hands-on!  It's a great way to practice recognizing the letters and numbers, sequencing, etc.

via Pinterest via Pinterest

Stay tuned for more creative Arabic learning ideas for kids!  If you would like your kids to learn Arabic online, visit Studio Arabiya's specialized Arabic courses for kids!

Salaam :)

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Friday, 15 November 2019
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