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Cool Arabic Typographic Decor

An awesome trend we’ve started to see more of these days is lovely decor items with Arabic lettering, typography or calligraphy.  (Note that this is different from Arab decor itself, which is broader and reflects various elements of Arab culture.)

Here are a few of the most interesting, eye-catching things we’ve seen around lately.

SilSal ceramics

Gorgeous Decorative Bowls in Various Sizes by Silsal Ceramics.


Irada Arts decal

Quranic Wall Art Decal by Irada Arts (designed by a master calligrapher.) (The verse says, “Whatever you have of blessings and favors is from Allah.”16:53)


darnur cut out trays colorful

Colorful Aluminum Cut-Out Trays by dar.nur (Kuwait City, Kuwait)


oversized lettering side tables

Funky Side Tables with Over-Sized Arabic Lettering by orient499 (Beirut, Lebanon)


cool vase

Awesome Vase (Not sure about the source, found via Pinterest)

They just makes me want to buy a house and fill it up with pretty Arabic typographic things :)  Now who’s in the mood for some redecorating?

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