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Celebrities love Arabic too!


Arabic and Arabic script has become something of a trend these days, even among celebrities.  Here are some famous celebrities with Arabic tattoos and other fashions:



al azeema angeline jolie

Angelina Jolie has the Arabic word "al-`azeema" (determination) written on her arm.

maktoob christina perry

Actress Christina Perry has the word "maktoob" ("[It is] written") tattooed on her arm.  This expression (referring to one's fate being already written and predestined) was made popular in Paulo Coelho's best-selling book The Alchemist.

zayn malik walter

Teen heart-throb and One Direction singer Zayn Malik has his grandfather's name "Walter" tattooed in Arabic on his chest.


Actress Zoe Saldana has a tattoo on her foot in Arabic, though few can decipher what it says.  Most say that it is an attempt at the sentence, "أريد أن أسألها", ('I want to ask her.') [Source]


Australian cricketer Michael Clarke also has an Arabic tattoo that fans differ on.  The actual text seems to say "ألم الإنضباط هو شيء مثل الألم من خيبة الأمل" ('The pain of discipline is like the pain of disappointment'') but would seem to make more  sense with an added negative ("The pain of discipline is nothing/not like the pain of disappointment.") [Source]


Tabloid favorites Kim and Kanye West can be seen here wearing personalized necklaces with their names written in Arabic.



What do you think about celebrities' interest in Arabic?  Is it offensive (as tattoos are prohibited in Islam and considered a sacred language by many) or is their fascination something positive?  Share your thoughts below!



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