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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Ramadan Good Deeds Chart

Build good habits with your child this Ramadan with this FREE Ramadan Good Deeds Chart! 

This is a great tool to teach children - younger and older alike - about doing good deeds in Ramadan and to help them build a habit to do them all year long insha'Allah! Even better: adults can use this chart as well for some family fun this Ramadan!

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5 Reasons Why Arabic Is So Important During Ramadan

As we experience the sweetness of the blessed month of Ramadan, we can't help but think about all of the extra exposure to the Arabic language we get during this special time of year subhanAllah! Whether we are an Arabic speaker ourselves or not, we ...
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Fasting for the first time this Ramadan - what will my classmates say?

"I will be fasting for the first time this Ramadan and I'm worried about what my classmates will say. What should I do?" Whether you are a teenager finding yourself in this exact situation, or a parent or caregiver worried about their child, read our...
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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Khatmat ul-Quran Ramadan Calendar

Download our FREE Ramadan Calendar 2023 and try to achieve a khatmah (reading or recitation of the entire Quran) during the blessed month insha'Allah!

Read or recite one juz' a day and complete the Quran during the blessed month of Ramadan with this FREE calendar insha'Allah! 

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5 Steps To Make The Most Of The Quran In Ramadan!

Have you ever wondered why there is such emphasis on the Quran during the month of Ramadan? When asked by non-Muslim friends, neighbors, family or co-workers, we tend to introduce Ramadan as the month of fasting, and for sure, fasting is very importa...
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4 Ramadan Facts That Are Often Neglected - And How To Fix That!

The human being likes building habits. They are reassuring, they help us, they make us feel more comfortable, they give us the impression that something feels familiar. And this is nothing wrong with that - so long as those habits don't take us ...
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[FREE MAGAZINE] Studio Arabiya Times - Spring 2023

Our special Ramadan 2023 edition is here! Download our FREE quarterly magazine to accompany you in your learning journey of Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies in this special month of worship!  

Whether you are thinking about learning Arabic, Quran or Islamic Studies, recently just started, already a student of knowledge, or even a teacher, this magazine is for you! We have included dedicated articles for kids, teens and parents as well - and it's completely FREE

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Ramadan Activity Book

This Ramadan, get your child to fully engage and make the most of this blessed time of year with our FREE Ramadan Activity Book! 

Activities include: Ramadan Good Deed Tracker, coloring pages, Arabic games, Eid cards to decorate, and more! We have also included educational information so that your child can learn about Ramadan insha'Allah. 

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Ramadan Word Search

Download our Ramadan Word Search for to learn some of the key terms related to this blessed month!

 A great activity for kids to improve their letter recognition skills, but also for teens and adults who like to use their visual abilities, and for everyone to learn about Ramadan with fun!

***Answer key included!***

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Download this fun and engaging Ramadan game for your child!

I SPY games are great for visual discrimination and memory! Ask your child to count how many of each item they can find in the picture, and color them as they go along! This game will also give you an opportunity to talk about the acts or worship and rituals of Ramadan.

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