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10 Quick & Easy Suhoor Ideas for Ramadan

Suhoor, or the meal early in the morning before beginning your fast, is a very important meal during Ramadan.  Muslims all around the world wake up before the Fajr prayer, at dawn, to eat before beginning their hours of fasting.  What you eat and drink for Suhoor determines how easy (or difficult) the rest of the fasting day will be, how hungry you are, and how thirsty you will be until you can eat and drink again at sunset.  Eating a healthy, hearty meal, that includes a good source of protein and nutrients, is so important and will help your body handle the fasting hours.

We have put together a list of 10 Quick & Easy Suhoor ideas you can make for Ramadan!

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The Annual Project

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We are often encouraged to divide Ramadan into blocks of ten-days to focus our efforts on a particular aspect, specifically mercy, forgiveness and relief from Hellfire.1 However Allah is Ar-Raheem, The Most Merciful, Al-Ghaffaar and Al-Ghafur, The Ever-Forgiving and The All-Forgiving. He is Al-Wadud, The Loving, the Kind One. So why go into the most blessed month almost depriving ourselves of the unlimited bounty of Allah? His Kindness and Mercy and Love cannot be limited to a span of time. The entire month is a time for us to reap benefit from His infinite Love, Mercy and Kindness.

Instead, why not divide the month into phases, like that of a work project? From Planning to Execution and then a Post-Project Evaluation & Maintenance.

If our efforts in setting our goals and writing up our dua lists are part of planning, then the actual month becomes the execution phase.For this phase there are two key areas to focus on:

1) Perform the right tasks

2) Monitor and control performance

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A Ramadan Dua

One of the most beautiful Ramadan duas (supplications) we are taught by the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) is the following: Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘anna. O Allah, indeed You are the Pardoner, You love to Pardon, so Pardon us. The uniqueness of the name of Allah al-`Afuww (The Pardoner), and how it relates to some ...
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5 Easy and Fun Decorating Ideas for Ramadan

Decorating for Ramadan is a fun way to build the enthusiasm for the pending month-long Muslim holiday. Each country and culture has their own way to getting their home ready for Ramadan, and with Pinterest and other social media platforms, the ideas are endless.
Here are some of our favorite ideas for decorating for Ramadan!

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Ramadan is Coming, Are You Ready?

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It's that time of the year again. The blessed month of Ramadan, full of reading Quran, making lots of Du'aa, fasting, cooking, and daily trips to the masjid. It's a time that many Muslims look forward to, counting the days and months until this blessed month arrives. However fast or slow it comes, and inshAllah it comes for us all, some people are just not prepared for the long days of fasting, the busy time in the kitchen, preparing meals for your family and friends, and the feeling that there's just not enough time for ibaadah, as you cater towards your family and children. With a little bit of mental preparation and setting your intention to make this your best Ramadan ever, you will be ready once that first day of Ramadan comes.

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The Marathon Month: 5 Ways to Prepare for Ramadan

If you've ever run a marathon, or know someone who has, you know that without training it isn't an easy feat. In fact, the discipline and efforts that go into preparing for a marathon not only determine if you make it to the finish line, but also in ...
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