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Prepare for Ramadan - a Complete Checklist for 2019

  3+ MONTHS BEFORE: Start reading Quran daily - get into a routine to read everyday Learn Arabic - Ramadan is a month that the entire Quran is read in prayers in the Arabic language. If you don't understand the language, begin learning, so you c...
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Learning Arabic Takes Time

  As I was browsing the Internet last night, I was surprised at the many websites - for teaching Arabic as well as other languages - claiming that they can teach you a language in an amazingly short time.  Some claim that in just a few days or weeks, you could KNOW the language.  I guess 'knowing' a language could be interpreted in different ways, ...
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Appreciating Arabic: Three Letter Roots

  One of the many neat things a student of Arabic will first learn about the language is that many of its words can be traced back to a triliteral root.  This means that there are usually three base letters from which different words emanate and are derived.  The words that share these letters may have different meanings, but they are connected ‘at...
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The Beauty of Arabic

Learning Arabic can be an amazing experience.   For Muslims, one of its greatest benefits is in helping one understand the sacred words of the Quran, the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as well as a treasure-trove of scholarly works from Islamic history.  For those interested in the culture of Arabic-speaking people or in liv...
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A 'Native Speaker' Doesn't Guarantee a Good Teacher

  Searching for the right language teacher for your Arabic studies can, at first, seem very easy.  Search online and you'll see Arabic classes taught by 'Native Speakers' all over the place, ready to teach you the language.  Because there are over 300 million native Arabic speakers in the world, does that mean that you can just choose any of those ...
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The Traditional Fanoos and DIY Ramadan Lanterns

In many Muslim countries, particularly Egypt, it is common to decorate for Ramadan with a fanoos (plural: fawanees ). These traditional lanterns are made from metal and often have multi-colored glass and beautiful and unique shapes and patterns....
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I Speak Arabic!

Unfortunately, Islamophobia is on the rise these days and with it, an increased suspicion of the Arabic language itself. Instead of being seen as the everyday language of hundreds of millions of people across many countries, including Christians and ...
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From Right to Left

Studying Arabic comes with many new experiences for the Westerner - from learning new sounds that you've never pronounced before, to learning the interconnections of Arabic letters and roots  and even includes writing in a brand new direction... from right to left! I never thought much about the significance of writing from right to left in Arabic ...
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Some Learning Arabic Humor

So many different forms!!

"We Have Revealed to you an Arabic Quran..."

Isn't it amazing how many times Allah describes the Quran as an Arabic book, i.e., a book in the Arabic language ?  He, `azza wajal (May He be praised and exalted) says for example,   " And thus have We revealed to you an Arabic Quran , that you may warn the mother city (Makkah) and those around it, and that you may give warning of the day of gathe...
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