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What Does the Quran Say about Protecting the Environment?

​ Although it really shouldn't be, climate change has become one of the most contentious subjects of the past decade. Despite ample evidence pointing to its legitimacy, countless people deny it is a threat, with some even brushing off its existence e...
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Why Can't I Just Read Quran in English?

​ When a native English speaker makes the decision to convert to Islam, they often wonder why they are advised to learn Arabic. Why can't they just read the Quran in English? After all, wasn't the Bible written in Ancient Hebrew and Greek? "Why can't...
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Is Arabic Useful Outside of Reading the Quran?

​ As one of the most spoken languages in the world, Arabic boasts a total of 422 million speakers. About 112 of the world's current Arabic speakers learned it as a second language. The vast majority of people who learn Arabic as a second language do ...
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Purity is Half of Faith

The Why   Allah (s.w.a) only accepts that which is pure, so we as Muslims strive to achieve purity, both of body and soul. In His infinite mercy, Allah (s.w.a) has given us many ways to achieve this purity, one of which is wudu. The benefits of ...
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The Incredible Story of the First English-Language Interpretation of the Quran

​ Go to the Religion section of any book store today and you'll likely see a number of English-language interpretations of the Quran. This is a clear sign of just how far Islam has come in the Western world. 100 years ago, it was almost impossible to...
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My Top 10 Reflections from ISNACon

​ Labor Day weekend for many Muslims in America was spent at the ISNA convention in Houston, TX. This year's theme was, "What's your superpower for social good?" . Topics ranged from simple storytelling of our predecessors to interactive sessions on ...
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How to guide your children to love the Quran from Birth

When you observe a parent and a newborn, it's tough to prove that any sort of learning is taking place. However, we know that babies are constantly learning and absorbing, even before their birth! So though we can't necessarily prove in a moment, we ...
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A Look at The Muslim’s Burial

​ As Muslims we pride ourselves in belonging to a belief system that speaks on all aspects of our lives. From the etiquette of dealing with a newborn to the rulings on different types of transactions. One part of this all-encompassing system is ...
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Why Online Learning Works

​ The internet has opened up a host of opportunities for us all when it comes to learning something new. From learning a new recipe, to a new skill such as coding or even obtaining a Master's degree. Universities have shown a steady increase in the p...
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Ways to Make Quran Learning Fun for Your Kids

Quran learning is very important for Muslims. Parents should make sure that their kids start learning the Quran from an early age. This is because children have fresh minds and a good ability to grasp every knowledge quickly. However, it is importa...
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