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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Ramadan Activity Book

This Ramadan, get your child to fully engage and make the most of this blessed time of year with our FREE Ramadan Activity Book! 

Activities include: Ramadan Good Deed Tracker, coloring pages, Arabic games, Eid cards to decorate, and more! We have also included educational information so that your child can learn about Ramadan insha'Allah. 

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Studio Arabiya's Ramadan Treasure Hunt!

Looking for fun activities in Arabic to teach your child about Ramadan and make this blessed month special for them? Download our FREE Ramadan Treasure Hunt! 

Our Fall and Winter Treasure Hunt met great success - THANK YOU! Click on the button below to download our Ramadan Treasure Hunt, print it and save it for the blessed month!

You can also download our FREE Ramadan Flashcards to teach your child important Ramadan vocabulary!

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Arabic Activity Book

It's World Arabic Language Day! We have prepared a special Arabic Activity Book for this special occasion!

Coloring pages, word search puzzle, maze, and more are just one click away!  

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Arabic Letter Tracing Workbook

Back To School Special!!! The perfect tool to help your child learn how to write all letters of the Arabic alphabet correctly: download our FREE Arabic Letter Tracing Workbook! 

Yes, adults can use it too :-)

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Back To School Activity Book 2022

It is time to head back to school! Whether that means traditional school, homeschool or anything in between, download our FREE Back To School Activity Book for fun and engaging learning around Arabic school vocabulary and the Quran insha'Allah!

Activities included: coloring pages, mazes, crossword puzzle, word search, I Spy, matching games, Quran memorization strips, and more! 

Tip: CLICK HERE to download our Back To School Flashcards to help your child learn or review important Arabic vocabulary used in this activity book!

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[FREE GAME] Arabic Letters

Let your child play this fun and interactive game to learn about the letters Alif and Ayn in the Arabic alphabet!
This game and many others are included in our Arabic Reading For Kids & Arabic ...
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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Studio Arabiya's Winter Treasure Hunt!

Looking for a fun winter activity in Arabic for your little one? Download our FREE Winter Treasure Hunt!

Our Fall Treasure Hunt met great success - THANK YOU! Click on the button below to download our Winter Treasure Hunt, print it and enjoy a *cool* winter activity! :-)

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Arabic Color Sorting Game

A fun activity for your child to learn color sorting in Arabic

Help your child learn their colors in Arabic with this FREE Arabic Color Sorting Game!
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[FREE GAME] Greeting In Arabic

Do you know how to greet someone in Arabic?Play this FREE game to find out!
This game and many others are included in our Classical Arabic For Adults Course! Enroll today and get started w...
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[FREE GAME] Memorize Surah Al-Fatiha!

We recite Surah Al-Fatiha at least 17 times a day! Play this FREE game to check your memorization of this special Surah!
This game and many others are included in our Quran Courses! ...
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